What's in your cup of coffee?

Capeltic, a Chiapas-based cooperative, is serving-up dignity.

America magazine article on how the Capeltic coffee co-op disrupted the fair trade coffee industry by roasting at the origin, maximizing & localizing the profits. 

A Telecom Sales Manager Brings Mexican Coffee Across the Border

Side Hustle School podcast episode about how Inissor founder Christina Rossini pivoted from her corporate career to launch her coffee import & distribution business.

Coffee, Jesuits, and Justice: A Cooperative Model Addresses Root Causes of Migration

The story of how Yomol A'tel, a Mexican social enterprise co-operative, created their  living wage economic development model and entered the US market.

Trailer: A Six Dollar Cup of Coffee 

Documentary about the true human & economic costs of coffee, from field to cup. Features Capeltic coffee co-op in Chiapas, Mexico.